Review from Caroline R., From OR, USA has been a wonderful resource for me. I am able to order my medication as well as my child’s medication and receive it quickly. I choose PillsForAll mainly due to the fact that you can save hundreds of dollars over time by ordering from them. They offer a variety of medications to order for many different types of conditions. The PillsForAll website is easy to use because on the left side there is a menu of different conditions including blood pressure, pain relief, sleep aids, and a sale section. From here, I was able to choose my condition (high blood pressure) and they had my medication at a much cheaper price than I would pay at my local pharmacy. I love the fact that ships quickly and securely. I’ve ordered from them dozens of times and none of my products have ever been damaged or lost. They are a European company which is wonderful because I like knowing that I’m ordering locally. I also appreciate the discreet shipping boxes. I don’t want my neighbors to see that my medication comes to my door in case I’m not home when it is delivered, and the boxes give no information as to what I’ve purchased. PillsForAll provides impeccable customer service. They offer live support. I’ve personally used the live support feature and my question was answered quickly and efficiently. The representative pointed me in the right direction in a timely manner. has the consumer in mind. They have created an easy-to-use website for a quick ordering process, as well as timely shipping and live support in case you need it. When ordering from this website, I am never disappointed and I feel appreciated as a customer. I will continue to use for my medication needs because they understand what it is that I want. They deliver in subtle shipping boxes, so people are not able to tell what you have ordered. They are also willing to work with you, no matter what you need. I recommend PillsForAll to anyone looking to purchase their medication because you can also save money.


Anantomy of an real online pharmacy.

I get tons of spam mails, almost daily, about fake online pharmacies. It is really easy to spot them, if you have being searching a long time for a real place to buy your meds online. This is why is so important and I fell so grateful about knowing a site like the one I always return.

They don´t even bother me with any email. But each time I contact them, each time I ask for a coupon, they quickly me email me back. They are easier to get in contact than most of my friends J ( also, more reliable )

I “met” pillsforall back in 2003 ! yes, a lot of time. This relationship with them have being longer than the one I had with my actual wife ! lol.

The first medicine I bought from the, I I remembering right, was Viagra, the brand one, from Pzifer. It was really a surprise. By that time they where sending medicines from south America, but it was the original, with an hologram and all ! . It was a really good time back them, the gold years of Internet.

Now, I use a tons of other meds, most of them I still get it from pills. They are like my real pharmacy, I can ask everything I want to them without any problem.

Times have being changed, we even have a really different president but they are still there. Every time I need them, they delivery exactly what I want giving me a coupon discount each time for  the next order.

Being up to the modern type of payments, finding always a way to arrive and stay there, means a lot to me. They always respect the rules, a really fair ones.

If I am doing the math right, they have being helping me for the last 15 years ! I was at the University first time I used .  I must tell you that this 10 minutes I am taking to write about them is not enough. They are just like any real online business should be. And what is more important, what an online pharmacy should be.

So, my advice is, stay away from indian generic Pakistan china crap copy and paste sites. Stay away from scammer that just want your money and go for the reliable, secure and first class medicines than pillsforall delivery to you.

My experience with Xanax from pillsforall.

I was really against generic Xanax, not just because of knowing tons of real people who abused alprazolam, but just because I was not feeling right taking not a brand Xanax. Well, that simple changed with the xanax from pillsforall. There is a tons of distance between a generic made in India, China and who knows where else and a medicine that it is made in Europe (like the one sell ) .


First at all, with this kind of medicine, you know exactly if it is working or not after 15 or 20 minutes you took it. That is really different with a chronic treatment, from hair loss or acne to arthritis. That is why I never, never use an typical generic India pharmacy. It is really easy to spot that kind of “copy paste” stores, many of them do not even have a real photo of what they sell !


I even know a popular “””””””””””independent””””””””” forum that attack any pharmacy and they only recommend this kind of generic India crap ! Stay away from them ! Don’t believe everything you read out there. Try to post a good review of any other kind of online pharmacy there and see what will happen with you comment and with your account.


So, be smart, before you order on pillsforall or in any other site, be sure to ask all the questions you might have. Is their job to answer them. You can easily contact them by chat or email ( I really like both to make questions and get fast answers ) and last one ( I really don`t like this one ) by phone. That said, the Xanax made by Labormed really, really helps me.


I have anxiety, must said severity anxiety I would describe as so, most part of the week (even weekends) . Taking Xanax during the harder time it is a God send, it is a help that easy my soul. Don’t get me wrong, I do not daily take it, just on that really bad days that is a must.


This medicine allows me to get back to my normal none anxious self. With the right dosage ( I cut it in the middle ) I rarely have noticed any side effect like sleepiness. If you don’t abuse your alprazolam dose, it shouldn’t cause you that kind of scary side effects like memory loss. Of Couse That’s just my experience.


So, my advices are :

  1. Be sure your source is real, that they do not put anything else inside that pills (for example, an antihistaminic first generation cheap drug)
  2. Start with the lower dosage possible.
  3. Do not over use it, do not take it every day ! just on that worst times and you will be fine, much better than with the damn anxiety. If you know how panic attacks are, you already know when to take it.

Review from Donald Mcgraw, from Concord, Ca, USA.

Pillsforall was recommended to me by the girlfriend of a close friends for 10 years or so.This is definitive not a new source, pillsforall have been online for at least this last 10 years of friendship. Also, It has been highly recommend it to me by a member for a well know forum that talk about medicines online.

I recomend you to buy at least a “sample” and you will see that everything and everyone in pillsforall are simple great.
Also, I suggest you to tell them to be add it on their database or whatever they call it to receive the coupon discounts. I use one every time I make an order and save 15 % plus the free extra pills they sent me ( 20 % more every 100 pills ) , that is a basic for me, make things a lot easier.
They are very profesional, with good attitude on answer each question you might have, I recomend you to contact them by chat, they have one in the lower part of the site.
I think you covered all the meds you need with them, from Cialis To Xanax. I had just never tried antithing better than pillsforall. They have been an excellent source of Brands an generic, all direct from a real pharmacy.
Also, keep in mind about ordening on time, since sometimes it take only 7 days but others can take up to 20 days, it all depend on the post service, not really on them. Pillsforall also make a great job on the shipment, very private, very safe, to avoid any problem, you will love them.
If you want to buy safely, this is the way you should choose to go, very smart and fast way to get your pills. Safely and privacy is all for me, this is why I also like pillsforall, they really respect your privacy and will not bother you with dumb emails or annoying phone calls, they really knows how a client should be treat it.
Save time and money, pillsforall is a legit seller that will make your life easier and you will get exactly what you order, exactly what you see on their photos. If is not there, ask for it, may be they can get it for you.
Good luck, but you will not need it here 🙂

donald review
donald review

Review from Spence Gleason,From IL, USA

I have been buying from since 2005, I decided to check out pillsforall back that year, cause my sister told me  ! , almost 11 years later, they are still, simple amazing. Each time I order they sent me 20 % more plus a coupon discount that I use every time I order. I think I haven been order from the 4 or 5 times each year during this last decade.
I would recommend pillsforall highly cause they delivery exactly what they tell you and their generic are made in Europe, that is a big difference from the generic Indian that most sites sells. I think that 90 % of the online pharmacies out there sell crappy Indian or even worst, crappy China generics or even counterfeit medicines.

Pillsforall delivery time was faster than I was expected, although, I always recommend to order with times, I think that the best is to order 20 days before you will need it, I know it will arrive sooner, but that is the best. All the products I have been ordered all this year were of the best quality. I will order again from pillsforall over and over again.
pillsforall Chat is really good, if you do not like to send emails ( like me ) cause you want a faster reply, I suggest you to use their chat service, Karen answer all you doubts and question really fast, no matter what question about the site or your order you ask.

bon gleas



Review from Bryan Vietmeier, Colleyville, TX

Two days ago I received my first order from pillsforall within 12 days. They are simple the greatest out there. paid attention to every little detail, from answering each email with every little question till the correct way to send the shipment to respect my privacy, they really care for me and look like they actually love their job. I had a long chat with Karen once, and she told me that I first should tried natural ways to treat my insomnia, they recommend me tryptophan and melatonin, things that they do not sell !
Also, another thing that really love from pillsforall is that they sent me 20 % more product ! yep, 20 % more pills, that was a surprise to me cause they advice me that after I made the purchase, after the payment was already done ! Plus they gave me a 15 % coupon for my next order.
Let me put this clear, they sell real medicine, not some crappy Chinese copy. This really works and will really help you. Also, everything came with the real package, not loose pills ! my five starts from them, 10 points or whatever you want to use to tell that they are simple, the best of the best. And first time I bought online was back in 1999 ! so, believe, I tried a lot of pharmacies out there, I have a long experience on this kind of stuff and I can write a book ( or at least an ebook 🙂 about this subject.


bryan reviewer for pillsforall

Review from Jennifer Diffee., From NY, USA

Okay, so I’ve been a migraine sufferer since I was 13. In fact, scratch that, before I started taking different prescription drugs and pain meds when I was 15, I’d been erroneously diagnosed with everything from epilepsy to mental health problems. The problem is, I’m not epileptic or mentally ill. At least twice a month I suffer debilitating migraines and although they are still semi debilitating, I have over the years found prescription drugs which at least in part help make my migraines bearable.


That though, brings me to my second problem. Prescription medicine which I use to treat my migraines is expensive, too expensive; especially when even now I don’t get 100% relief. Even when I buy Xanex online it costs me $250 (at least) for just 100 tablets. Prescription drugs from the EU, seem however to be a whole lot cheaper. I’ve bought prescription medicine from several times now and whether I buy Xanex online, or whether I get Imigran ready for when my attacks are especially bad, I feel like I’m not burning a hole in my pocket for the pain relief which really I should be just as entitled to in the U.S. if only it wasn’t so expensive.


Have I miraculously cured my migraines? Hell no! Whether I buy xanex online or get opioid based  prescription drugs from my MD, when I get a migraine I know about it. What I have found though, is a way to get the prescription medicine I need to take the edge off without also taking the edge off my checking account.


Also as a note to fellow sufferers, yes, xanax works, though if you have a really bad spell I’d highly recommend Imigran. It’s not perfect because it can and will have side effects if you use it too regulary, but it works. Either way, I get the prescription drugs I need now from and you can bet I’m going to in the future.


Thank you note with smiley face , isolated on white
Thank you note with smiley face , isolated on white

Review from Matthew Komos, from VA, USA

We are all aware that prescription drugs are expensive. They cost a lot but are essential for our wellbeing. Many of us look for ways to find discounts (just like any other product) on prescription drugs too. But many times these so-called discounts turn into a hoax to lure customers into buying low-quality or fake products which can severely affect a person’s health.

After browsing many websites, I finally found a cure for my problem. The website is known as the leader in the industry of online pharmacy. The website has a strict rule against “self-medication”. They clearly forbid consumers to buy any sort of medicine without consulting a qualified medical practitioner as it can be unsafe and hazardous to the condition of the patient.

The website has a vast range of drugs available for many health issues including depression, migraine, cholesterol, diabetes, skin care, etc. another prominent feature of the website is that they offer homeopathic medicine tablets, especially for skin care. The drugs are available at a reasonable price with ample stocks to meet the requirements of the customers. Another good thing about the website is their sales tab. Many medications are offered on sale which can help the consumers save from $10.00 to $45.00.

The first batch of medicine that I ordered was for migraines. The website stated the delivery time to be between 9 – 21 days via registered air mail. If the package is not delivered within 21 days then the consumers have a choice of getting their order refunded or have the company reship the package. My package was delivered within 11 working days. The package was unmarked for privacy just like it said on their website. The medicine inside came with proper and detailed instructions on the usage and side effects regarding it.

Many friends and family members warn me that these sites can be a hoax and might be selling fake pills. But the quality of the medicine and the fast and reliable service of do not prove the concerns stated for the company. My first experience with the website was successful where I found it to be one of the best sites to buy prescription drugs at a reasonable price and in a hassle-free environment.  I would highly recommend the website and the services of to others who would like to purchase high-quality drugs and benefit from discounts too.

pillsforall matt review

Review from Michael Brennick, FL, USA.

The concept of pharmacies has been revolutionized in the online world. I found PillsForAll to be a product of this innovative shift, where I can simply get any pharmacy drug online whenever I need it. But what is the best thing about online pharmacy drugs at PillsForAll?

First of all, I find the website to be extremely easy to navigate into. With this in mind, you can certainly feel the ease to every consumer when it comes to ordering pills online.Not only that PillsForAll is the most convenient online pharmacy, it is also an affordable and better solution when it comes to avoiding the common nuisances connected to traditional pharmacies.

Now, if you reckon the whole hustle of going out in the bad weather, standing in line and the inevitable waiting until the prescription is filled, you will know what I mean. But when it comes to this revolutionary way to order pharmacy pills online, the fast shipping of drugs as well as avoiding the delay through mail are one of the top benefits.

Sometimes, your headache does not know the time for Xanax. It could be during your work or in the late hours. In these times, PillsForAll is the best option to go with.

And did I mention the variety of products and how diverse they are? From pain relievers to obesity, migraine, impotence and even hair loss products, on PillsForAll there is an online pill for every disorder or condition. If you want to order a pain reliever online, anti-allergenic or blood pressure stabilizer pill online, or whatever your worry is – you can do it on PillsForAll.

Privacy is yet another issue which is solved in the best way when it comes to online pills and pharmaceutical drugs. Irrespective of the fact that the service is provided online, at PillsForAll, I as a customer am always receiving the same, high quality pharmaceutical care. With their 24 hours a day online pharmacy service for every question you may have, whether it’s by phone or email, you can certainly discover the most helpful benefit of this website. Whether the need for a refill is close or simply the Internet research for a pill has come to a decision, PillsForAll brings you the concept of a best online pharmacy shipping to every location throughout the US.


In a nutshell, PillsForAll as a US online pharmacy  does everything for you to get your drug pills in the best way possible. Serving the loyal customers in the most professional way, all it takes is filling the form with your name, mailing address and doctors prescription information for the pill to be delivered to your door. When it comes to payments, PillsForAll supports credit cards and PayPal, and the payment process is definitely supported online for any of the pharmacy pills you have selected.

PillsForAll is simply a US based online pharmacy having every pill for every condition. The concept of an online pharmacy is considered to be the next generation of pharmacy, as every land based pharmacy nowadays must have a web presence. Being an Internet Verified Pharmacy Practice Website, as defined by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, PillsForAll is definitely a secure and convenient online pharmacy in the US from which you can order a whole variety of drugs to suit your needs.

In the end, PillsForAll proudly stands as the US Internet pharmacy which bridges the demand and supply gap of drugs while changing the lifestyle of the modern consumer. The modern digital world has reshaped the way we live, work and shop and definitely accustomed to fulfilling each one of our needs. PillsForAll as an US Internet pharmacy has gone a long way in satisfying the consumer needs with the primary focus of a 24 hour drug delivery with full safety and confidentiality, which is a service offered only by the best US internet pharmacies.

Review from Stephen James, From TX, USA

I’m a busy guy.  I don’t have time to visit the doctor when I need medication.  Think about this for a minute.  You have to visit the doctor.  Then you have to wait in line at the drug store.  That can take at least an hour or more.  Those people never seem to be in a hurry.  Even though I always am.  Getting the medication you need can sometimes take a whole day.  I’ve had to take an entire day off work before to go to the doctor and pharmacy.  It got to the point that I didn’t have time to take care of my health needs.  My health took a backseat simply because I didn’t have the time.


I found at the perfect moment.  My medications were about to run out.  I had no idea where to turn.  I couldn’t get another day off work.  It was either skip my medication or quit my job.  I didn’t see any other alternatives.  That is until I discovered this site.  It’s been a long time since I felt this at ease in regards to my health.  As now I don’t have to worry about where my next dose of medicaiton is coming from.  I know that it’ll always be delivered right to my door.


It’s always as easy as pointing and clicking on pillsforall.  I don’t have to wait any more.  I simply order what I want and it arrives.  It couldn’t be any more simple.  It comes straight from Europe right to my mailbox.  The mailman doesn’t even know what’s in the package.  I know the drugs are safe because all from pillsforall  come from a European pharmacy.  The medication is always effictive.  I’ve never had a problem with potency or mislabeled products.  The medication comes in blister packs so I know it hasn’t  been tampered with.  That’s more than I can say about medication that I get at my local pharmacy.  As it’s rarely dispensed in blister packs.

pillsforall review

This all translates to one thing.  That would be freedom.  Now I’m free to live my own life.  I can enjoy life without the constant concern about my medication.  I also don’t have to worry about my insurance any longer.  I can switch jobs if need be.  That’s because I’m not tied down to their doctor and prescription drugs.  I can choose what I want without them getting in the way.  I’ve never had such control over my healthcare choices before.  It feels great to finally be free.


Don’t put off getting the medications you need.  Your health is nothing to play with.  What you seek is freedom to make your own healthcare decisions. On pillsforall you can do just that.  I did and will continue to do so.  It’s because I take my health seriously.  I don’t have the time to jump through all the hoops necessary to get medications.  That’s why I plan on continuing to use this site.  As they deliver a quality product each and every time I order.  It’s the very reason why I’m q return customer and I know you will be too.  My life has changed for the better and so will yours.  Give it a try today and see just how easy getting your medication can be.